The Jurors

The North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year™ Jurors

Our automotive awards are unique because — instead of being given by a single publication, website, radio or television station — they are given by an independent jury of automotive journalists from the United States and Canada. Each year this unbiased jury of 50 expert print and broadcast journalists combine centuries of discerning experience to determine the winners of the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year™ awards.

NACTOY Board of Directors

Jeff Gilbert NACTOY

Jeff Gilbert

Auto Reporter, WWJ Newsradio 950, CBS Radio Network

Nicole Wakelin NACTOY juror

Nicole Wakelin

Vice President
Freelance, Autobytel, TrueCar, AAA, Wheel Bearings Podcast, and The Road Reflected Podcast


Jill Ciminillo NACTOY juror

Jill Ciminillo

Managing Editor, Pickup Truck + SUV Talk website & YouTube; Co-Host, Consumer Guide Automotive Car Stuff Podcast and radio show; Co-Host, Pickup Truck + SUV Talk Podcast; Contributor, Capital One, A Girls Guide to Cars, Drive Chicago

Greg Migliore NACTOY Juror

Greg Migliore

Editor-in-Chief, Autoblog

John Davis NACTOY Juror

John Davis

Membership Chair
Managing Director/Host, MotorWeek

The Jury

Sam Abuelsamid NACTOY juror

Sam Abuelsamid

Co-host, Wheel Bearings, Senior Contributor, Forbes, Principal Analyst, Guidehouse Insights
Brian Armstead NACTOY juror

Brian Armstead

Editor in Chief, Treads Magazine, Segment host, YouAutoKnow-KCBQ AM/FM, Contributor,, WAOK AM Atlanta,,,,

Karl Brauer NACTOY Juror

Karl Bauer

Contributor, Forbes Autos Contributor, Executive Analyst,

Kirk Bell NACTOY Vice President

Kirk Bell

Senior Editor, Motor Authority, The Car Connection, Green Car Reports

Paul Brian NACTOY Juror

Paul Brian

Freelance, ABC Owned & Operated Stations Contributor, HisTurn-HerTurn YouTube Channel, China Global TV contributor,

Dan Carney NACTOY Juror

Dan Carney

Senior Editor, Design News

Jamie Page Deaton NACTOY Juror

Jamie Page Deaton

Editor in Chief, Car Talk

Matt DeLorenzo NACTOY Juror

Matt DeLorenzo


Doug DeMuro NACTOY juror

Doug DeMuro

Creator, Doug DeMuro YouTube Channel

Denis Duquet NACTOY Juror

Denis Duquet

Automobile Journalist,, 91.9FM, BPM Sport

Paul Eisenstein NACTOY Juror

Paul Eisenstein

Editor, Headlight News U.S., Auto Columnist, The Nikkei, Contributing Editor, The Messenger, GearJunkie, AutoWise, Cigar Aficionado, Forbes Wheels, D: Business, the Detroiter, the BBC and other public and commercial radio outlets

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Board of Directors North American Car and Truck of the Year

Lauren Fix

Contributor, Car Coach Reports, NewsMax, Daily Flash TV, LOCAL Now News, WBEN / GCN Syndicated Radio, Weather Channel, Total Car Score Podcast Co-Host

Gabriel Gélinas - Guide de l'Auto smaller

Gabriel Gélinas

Journalist, Le Guide de l’Auto, The Car Guide, QUB Radio Network, TVA, LCN, CTV, CBC, Global TV (Canada), Radio-Canada

Antuan Goodwin

Antuan Goodwin

Automotive Reviews Editor, CNET Cars

Ken Gross NACTOY Juror

Ken Gross


Bengt Halvorson NACTOY Juror

Bengt Halvorson

Senior Editor, Internet Brands Automotive, Green Car Reports, Motor Authority, The Car Connection

Allyson Harwood NACTOY juror

Allyson Harwood

Senior Editor, Lifestyle, Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader

North American Car of the Year award seal

John Pearley Huffman

Senior Editor, Road & Track

Antoine Joubert NACTOY Juror

Antoine Joubert

Journalist, Le Guide de l'Auto/Quebecor Media

Marc Lachapelle NACTOY

Marc Lachapelle

Journalist, Le Guide de l'auto, The Car Guide, Autofile

Jodi Lai NACTOY Juror

Jodi Lai

Editor-in-Chief, AutoTrader

Doron Levin NACTOY juror

Doron Levin

Contributor, Seeking Alpha, SiriusXM

John McElroy NACTOY Juror

John McElroy

Editorial Director, Autoline

Sue Mead NACTOY Juror

Sue Mead

Consumer Guide, A Girl’s Guide to Cars, Your Test Driver, Automotive Editor - Land Report Magazine, Dave Stall’s Radio (The Answer, You Auto Know).

Javier Mota NACTOY Juror

Javier Mota

JAM Media Features Editor, NBC Telemundo, Total Car Score Podcast,,

Joann Muller NACTOY Juror

Joann Muller

Transportation Correspondent, Axios

Jack R Nerad in-car headshot bigger (1)

Jack Nerad

Writer, Editor, Radio Host, AutoByTel,,,,,, America on the Road/SportsMap Radio Network,

Marty Padgett NACTOY Juror

Marty Padgett

Editorial Director, The Car Connection

Henry Payne NACTOY Juror

Henry Payne

Auto Columnist, The Detroit News, Radio Host, 910 AM

Mark Phlean NACTOY Juror

Mark Phelan

Auto Critic & Columnist, Detroit Free Press

Tony Quiroga NACTOY Juror

Tony Quiroga

Editor-in-Chief, Car and Driver

Ron Sessions NACTOY Juror

Ron Sessions

Content Contributor,,,,

Jeremy Sinek NACTOY Juror

Jeremy Sinek

Freelance, Globe and Mail, Automotive News Canada

Steven Cole Smith NACTOY Juror

Steven Cole Smith

Special Projects Editor, Hagerty, Contributing Editor, Classic Motorsports, Grassroots Motorsports

Ben Stewart NACTOY Juror

Ben Stewart

Freelance, The Drive, KBB, TrueCar, 4WP/TheDirt

NACTOY Juror Mark Takahashi

Mark Takahashi


Richard Truett NACTOY Juror

Richard Truett

Engineering Reporter, Automotive News

Lawrence Ulrich NACTOY Juror

Lawrence Ulrich

Founder, Word Factory Inc,  Freelance, The New York Times, Road and Track, Car and Driver, Autoblog, IEEE Spectrum and Robb Report

Gary Vasilash NACTOY Board

Gary Vasilash

Editor-in-Chief, On Automotive, Co-host, Autoline After Hours

Al Vazquez NACTOY Juror

Al Vazquez

YouTube Producer, GTR Productions

John Vincent Headshot NACOTY juror

John Vincent

Senior Editor and Correspondent / Vehicle Testing, U.S. News & World Report

John Voelker NACTOY Juror

John Voelcker

Auto Reporter and Analyst, Car and Driver, The Drive, Forbes Wheels, Motor Authority, Charged EVs

Alistair Weaver headshot

Alistair Weaver

VP Editorial and Editor-in-Chief, and host of Edmunds + CarCast podcast

Gary Witzenburg NACTOY president headshot

Gary Witzenburg

Contributing Editor, Collectible Automobile, WardsAuto, SAE Automotive Engineering, Dbusiness, The Star,, and HOUR Detroit

Drew Winter NACTOY Juror

Drew Winter

Contributing Editor -


The North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year™ awards are determined by an independent and diverse group of jurors from all across North America. Read our Juror Code of Ethics


Jurors attend launch programs for each eligible vehicle and/or receive vehicle loans, then test drive them again during a three-day, back-to-back comparison held in October for side-by-side evaluations.


Initiated in 1994, the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year™ awards are the longest-running award not associated with a specific publication.