Juror Comments & Voting Totals – 2022 North American Car, Truck and Utility of the Year

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2022 North American Car of the Year™:

Honda Civic -241

Lucid Air – 170

Volkswagen Golf Mk VIII (Golf R/Golf GTI) – 89


2022 North America Truck of the Year™:

Ford Maverick – 277 points

Rivian R1T – 126 points

Hyundai Santa Cruz – 97 points


2022 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year™:

Ford Bronco – 234 points

Hyundai IONIQ 5 – 153 points

Genesis GV70 – 113 points





“The 2022 Civic proves the continued relevance of thrifty, fun-to-drive IC-powered passenger cars in delivering more outright value and all-season practicality than the latest EVs.” — Lindsay Brooke

“If carmakers were limited to building just one car model the Honda Civic should be that model. It combines just about every positive attribute you can think of — low-cost, high fuel efficiency, utility, comfort, dependability, and fun to drive among them.” — Jack R. Nerad

“The 2022 Honda Civic may not be revolutionary, but its excellence lies in its overall competence and quiet ambition. From its thoughtfully improved interior to its smarter tech, the Civic is all the car that most people need, yet its appeal stretches far beyond its value equation. This is a car that drives with class-above refinement, solid fuel economy and strong equipment levels.” — Chris Paukert 

“The new Civic shows Honda at its very best. Bulletproof, brilliantly engineered and fun-to-drive, the Civic is the kind of affordable car that every automaker should aspire to.” — Lawrence Ulrich



“The Lucid Air is a fully realized car that is confoundingly remarkable in every area. Well done.” — Steven Cole Smith

“The Lucid Air proves more than one startup carmaker can build a sexy, luxurious, and very long-range electric car. Its range of more than 500 miles beats new entries from established German luxury brands—by a lot. They should pay attention.” — John Voelker

“The 2022 Lucid Air is a breakthrough electric vehicle in the luxury car category for its advanced technology, long range, good build quality, and breathtaking performance.” – Matt DeLorenzo



“The VW Golf is a veritable sporting classic that gets better with age.” —Ken Gross 

“The Volkswagen Golf GTI proves yet again that the hot hatchback formula is still compelling even in this new age of electric vehicles.” — Jack R. Nerad 



“The Ford Maverick suddenly becomes the best buy in the North American auto realm.” — Steven Cole Smith

“Ford has revived the compact truck segment with one of the most compelling packages you can buy in 2022. The Maverick’s efficient packaging delivers an urban-friendly, highly functional truck with an impressive list of standard equipment, even in base trim. But the Maverick’s most impressive standard feature is value — an increasingly rare trait in modern vehicles.” — Karl Brauer

“The 2022 Ford Maverick redefines the truck market with its low price, compact dimensions, and hybrid powertrain. It is a welcome alternative for first-time buyers and those looking to downsize from larger trucks.” – Matt DeLorenzo

“The Ford Maverick hybrid establishes the first new vehicle category since the Chrysler minivan of the 1980s. Would-be contenders in this segment have been too expensive, too thirsty, or too precious. The Maverick is the first affordable, efficient, entry-level vehicle that happens to provide pickup truck utility.” — Dan Carney



“The Rivian R1T is a true innovator, an electric pickup that can accelerate like a sports car, conquer forbidding terrain, and then whip up a meal with its awesome Camp Kitchen. Tailgaters, meet your new truck”. —Lawrence Ulrich

“Rivian’s R1T reflects bold, innovative, and overachieving engineering. The R1T impresses not only with its inventive packaging and exceptional range, but also with build quality that belies its newcomer status. Rivian is rapidly changing the game for both EV and conventional carmakers alike, and marks the shape of things to come.” — Basem Wasef

“Odds are, tech enthusiasts will be the first to be attracted to the R1T. With good reason because this is an absolutely advanced vehicle. But it is a “real truck” to boot, which should make it of interest to those who are looking for an electric pickup.” — Gary Vasilash



“If looks could kill, this head-turning trucklet’s a winner.” — Ken Gross



“The 2022 Ford Bronco is the first serious, fully capable competitor to today’s iconic Jeep Wrangler. It performs at least as well off-road and is far more comfortable and civilized on the pavement where most of them will spend the vast majority of their time.” — Gary Witzenburg

“The Ford Bronco delivers on the promise of its legendary name. Instead of giving the public a lukewarm placeholder with a nostalgic logo, Ford has pulled out the stops to create a very credible competitor to that other four-letter off-road brand.” — Jack R. Nerad

“The Ford Bronco is a home run, a credible competitor to the Jeep Wrangler that also bears the looks and electronic wizardry to take on the more expensive Land Rover Defender. If the Bond bad guys had had the Bronc’s Sasquatch package, ol’ James might have been in trouble.” — Henry Payne



“The Swiss Army Knife of small SUVs — the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is an electric gem that does it all.” —Ken Gross

“Everyone wants utility vehicles these days, of all sizes. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 shows us the future of compact crossovers: all-electric, spacious, distinctive, and with charging as fast as Porsche’s. It’s simply stellar. Who’d a thunk it?” — John Voelker

“With the IONIQ 5 Hyundai is moving the needle on electric vehicles, providing range, capability and affordability. And all wrapped in some slick sheet metal.” — Gary Vasilash



“I chose the Genesis GV70 because it is an Audi/Mercedes/BMW quality vehicle for easily $10,000 less; it’s terrific looking, has a superb interior, a great powertrain and it is fantastic in inclement weather conditions.” — Richard Truett

“The GV70 surprises and delights because its contemporary design and premium details are backed up by an eminently usable package.” — Basem Wasef



Learn more about NACTOY’s board of 50 independent jurors.
Read the PRESS RELEASE of the 2022 NACOY Winners Announcement